Understanding the Stanislaus County Fire Prevention Plan Review Process
Fire Suppression Plans

Plans for many new development projects must be approved by the Fire Marshal during the review process. The processes in each fire district are different. It can be confusing to determine the right person to talk to about a project and to find the right place to submit plans. This document is intended to assist applicants in finding the right fire official to talk to about their project and where to submit fire suppression plans.

Stanislaus County Fire Prevention Bureau accepts fire suppression plan submittals for the following areas:

  • Burbank-Paradise
  • Crows Landing
  • Del Rio
  • Denair
  • Diablo Grande
  • Grayson
  • *Hughson (see bulleted list)
    • Residential fire suppression plans located within the City limits of Hughson must be submitted directly to the City of Hughson City Hall/Fire Prevention
    • Commercial projects within the City and outside the City limits, fire suppression plans must be submitted to: Stanislaus County Fire Prevention Bureau
    • Residential projects outside the City limit, fire suppression plans must be submitted to: Stanislaus County Fire Prevention Bureau
  • Industrial Ceres
  • Industrial Modesto
  • Keyes
  • Monterey Park Tract
  • Mountain View
  • Newman (non-incorporated areas)
  • Oakdale Rural
  • Salida
  • Turlock Rural
  • West Stanislaus
  • Westley
  • Westport
  • Woodland
  • Division 1 North
  • Stanislaus County Fire Prevention Fire Code questions contact 209-552-3700.

    As of January 2015; In the interest of being green we started electronic plan submittals. Only PDF attachments are accepted. Please send these pdf submittals to: moc.ytnuocnats@noitneverperif.

    • Fire suppression plans:
    • Automatic fire sprinklers
    • Commercial kitchen hood fire protections systems
    • Fire alarms
    • Fuel tanks
    • Private water lines
    • Special fire suppression systems
    • Underground fire lines
    • Water tanks
    • All other fire suppression plans not listed above.

    All suppression plan submittals will require supporting documentations and will depend on the type of plans you are submitting. Please go to Forms under the Quick Links for the list of requirements and guidelines on how to name the pdf attachments or go to http://www.stanoes.com/forms.shtm

    Send a check written out to Stanislaus County Fire Prevention for $110.00 for the non-refundable plan check review fee/deposit (deposit – will be applied to the final invoice). We accept cash, personal check (must be accompanied by ID) and company checks. Once the plan review has been finalized, we will send you the final invoice with the submittal packet for plan check and inspection fee, minus the deposit.

    The initial review and re-submittal process take 10 to 14 business days to complete (weekends and observed U.S. holidays excluded). You will be contacted directly via e-mail within 24 - 48 hours upon receiving your e-mail submittal to inform you of your plan status. If you do not get a reply from our office within 24-48 hours, that means your e-mail submittal is not received.

    Once the plans are approved, we will e-mail you a copy of the approved plan, calculations (if noted), material data sheets (if noted), any other pertinent information you sent with the submittal (if noted), plan check letter and final invoice. Instructions will be in the plan review/plan check letter.

    The contractor or designer will need to print & provide 2 sets of hard copies of the approved plan/s and calculations (if noted). Bring these hard copies to our office for the wet County Fire stamp and signature. Only print the plans and calcs from the approved email packet attachments you receive from our office, any other version/s will not be accepted. If the hard copies you bring for stamping have been tampered with or is not the exact plan that was reviewed/approved and e-mailed to you originating from our office, it will not be stamped.

    Call our office at 209-552-3700 to make an appointment to remit payment or stamp plans.

    1 set of stamped approved plan/s & calculations will be kept on-site. These approved stamped copy/copies of the plan/s shall be provided to our inspectors once they are on-site for the inspection. Only digital copies of the approved plan/s will be kept for our files.

    If the pdf fire suppression submittal plan check needs to be revised and resubmitted, we will contact you via e-mail with further instructions.

    Hard copy fire suppression plan submissions: Are only accepted if the plans are hand-drawn. The contractor or designer will need to provide 1 application form, 3 sets (hard copy) of the plan/s and supporting documentations to be reviewed.

    Once the plans are reviewed whether approved or not, you will receive 1 set for your files back along with a plan check letter and invoice.

  • The following cities each operate their own fire prevention. Directly contact the cities fire prevention department for suppression plan submittals and fire code questions.

    Ceres 209-538-5701
    Hughson (Residential only, within the City limits) (209) 883-2863
    Oakdale 209-845-3571
    Patterson 209-895-8130
    Turlock 209-668-5580

  • Stanislaus Consolidated Fire district located at 3324 Topeka St, Riverbank should be contacted at (209) 869-7470 for assistance with all fire code questions and fire suppression plan submittals for the following areas:

    City of Riverbank
    Knights Ferry
    La Grange

  • When does the Fire Prevention Bureau review my plans after submitting to the Building Department?

    Projects will be reviewed when the plans and application for a building permit are submitted to the building department, which will then be routed to the fire prevention department for the fire, life & safety plan check portion. All Suppression plans that are inserted within the building permit plans will NOT be reviewed, these will all be deferred submittals.

    Plans for underground fire line, pump rooms, private water lines, water tanks, fuel tanks, automatic fire sprinklers, fire alarms, commercial kitchen hood fire protections systems, special fire suppression systems and any other fire suppression systems not listed here will all require separate plan submittals and should be directly submitted to the Fire Prevention Bureau via e-mail to moc.ytnuocnats@noitneverperif as pdf submittals. The process usually takes 10-14 business days to complete for the initial review or the revision review.

  • Who reviews the plans? Development projects are reviewed by a full-time fire prevention professional that works for the Stanislaus County Fire Prevention Bureau.

  • Who should I contact if I have questions about fire code requirements? Contact the Stanislaus County Fire Prevention Bureau at 209-552-3700.

  • Who is the final authority on fire code issues? The Fire Chief of each city or fire district is the final authority for all fire code issues within their jurisdiction. For a list of Fire Chief for each city please go to http://www.stanoes.com/contacts.shtm

  • Are fees charged for plan reviews and inspections? Yes. There are two types of fire fees that may apply to development projects. The first is the facilities and equipment fee to assure that new developments pays its fair share of capital costs. Fees vary and are determined by each fire district. Fees are based on the size and the use of the building being constructed. Contact your local fire district for fee schedules.

    The second fee is for the Fire Prevention Bureau services. Fees are charged for plan reviews and site inspections. Depending on the fire district, fees for plan reviews and inspections may be paid at the time the building permit is applied for or they may be paid when the permit is issued. Sometimes, an initial fee is paid at application and then a concluding fee is paid after plan check is completed if additional charges are required.

    Fire suppression plan check, and inspection fees are separate from the building permitting fire fees.

    Fire suppression plan check fee is $110.00 per hour. Inspection fees vary depending on the project.

  • When do I need a fire inspection? If the fire prevention department reviews building plans for the fire, life & safety portion during the building permit process and a “fire condition” is added to the building permit, a fire inspection will be required and signed off by fire prior to the building permit final inspection. The building department will not schedule the building final until fire signs off on a building permit with a fire condition.

    The contractor will need to call the Stanislaus County Fire Prevention Bureau at 209-552-3700 to request a fire inspection. Call at least 2 business days or 48 hours in advance.
  • Additional information: Building Permits for Building Plans.

    For new construction or remodels in the areas of Stanislaus County:
    Applications for building permits and plans submitted for building permits are submitted to Stanislaus County Developments Services located at 1010 10th Street, 3rd Floor, in Modesto.

    For new construction or remodels within the 9 cities listed . Applications for building permits and plans submitted for building permits are submitted to their respective City Halls.

    2220 Magnolia St Ceres, CA 95307
    209-538-5753     http://www.ci.ceres.ca.us
    7018 Pine St, Hughson CA 95326
    209-883-4054     http://hughson.org
    1010 10th St 3rd Floor, Modesto CA 95354
    209-577-5232     https://www.modestogov.com/1281/Building-Permits

    926 Fresno St, Newman CA 95360
    209-862-1506     https://www.newnanga.gov/163/Building-Department
    455 S Fifth Ave, Oakdale CA 95351
    209-845-3625     http://www.oakdalegov.com/building-division

    1 Plaza, Patterson CA 95363
    209-895-8035     http://www.ci.patterson.ca.us/140/Building-Division

    6617 3rd St, Riverbank CA
    209-863-7128     http://www.riverbank.org/182/Building

    156 S Broadway Suite 130, Turlock CA 95380
    209-668-5560     https://ci.turlock.ca.us/buildinginturlock/buildingsafety/buildingpermits/

    101 E St, Waterford CA 95386
    209-874-2328     http://cityofwaterford.org/city-managers-office/building-department/