People turn to the government for help.

All government employees, including County employees, are disaster service workers by State Law (California Labor Code).  This means that in addition to their everyday job, they have the added responsibility of helping throughout any disaster.

Natural and/or man-made disasters in Stanislaus County can happen suddenly and without warning, while on the job or after regular work hours.  For County employees, preparation beforehand at work AND at home will enable them to perform their disaster service worker role more effectively.

Click on the Disaster Service Worker Video link to watch an overview of this role.

In order to prepare for their role as a disaster service worker, all employees are required to take National Incident Management System (NIMS) Training.  NIMS provides a consistent national approach for Federal, State and Local governments to work together to prepare for and respond to domestic incidents.  There are two classes that are part of the Basic NIMS training, 700.a Intro to NIMS and 100.b. Intro to ICS.  Click on the Training Registration link to register for these classes.